Margarida Guia & Random Record, Palm, Alta forma, and Nnamdï

Margarida Guia & Random Record – Untitled (Do It Youssef!)

As a tribute to activist, actress, composer, and performer Margarida Guia, Do It Youssef! are releasing her performance with Random Record (David Bausseron & Nicolas Chichagnot), recorded in 2012 in Brussels. This fifty-minute psychedelic free rock improvisation is an absolute mind-altering experience, thanks to the wildly creative work of the three musicians involved, and the characteristic narration of Margarida Guia. Drown in the mad world of this improvisation, you won’t regret it!

Palm – Nicks and Grazes (Saddle Creek)

Palm is a band from the future, bringing us avant-garde nu… pop… jazz… or something. Whatever it actually is, it’s the result of a meticulous process to find the right sound, to find *the* sound that sounds just like this. Prepared instruments, curated samples, and a thorough selection of passages, progressions, melodies, harmonies, and riffs is the backbone and meat to this incredible album. It sounds here like the Beatles, here like Death Grips, here like Afrobeat, but it mostly sounds like nothing else at all, and I love that. If you want steel drums on a wild polyrhythmic chase, please listen to this album right now!

Alta fōrma – Spatium & tempus

Alta fōrma is Antoine Fafard’s progressive rock jazz fusion with vocals! Usually writing instrumental odysseys, Antoine began experimenting with melodic lines and lyrics and pushed it further, culminating into Spatium & tempus, where Antoine is joined by Todd Suchermann on drums and JK Harrison on vocals. Just like Proto mundi and Borromean Odyssey, the album has a very heavily jazzy approach to composition and chords, with a deep-rooted progressive rock and art rock foundation. It’s a very evocative album that’s sure to catch your interest and not let go.

Nnamdï – Please Have a Seat (Secretly Canadian)

I’ve praised Nnamdï since the beginning! Well, at least since I’ve discovered his album Drool. Nnamdï is a real genre-hopper, always somewhere between hip-hop, metal, math rock, and jazz, everything he releases is utterly exciting. With Please Have a Seat, we get what feels more or less like a sequel to the aforementioned Drool, a more down-to-earth pop-infused hip-hop release. There’s still more than a few surprises in there, and all of that combined makes for a superb album.

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