II II II – Frequency Illusion

Leeds-based mathcore one-man band [reference needed] II II II (read “two two two”) released their debut album, A Conundrum on My Coffee Table, which we adored, back in 2012. Fast forward four or five years, and they share some work-in-progress demos on their facebook page, stating that they were looking for a new vocalist. Without it being announced officially, they found one! The name hasn’t leaked yet, but the voice remains in the same vein as before. Well, here we are now: we received an advanced digital copy of Frequency Illusion, coming out on September 22. What is there to say, honestly? The works presented on this full-length album takes what the band’s debut was all about, but with slightly better production and composition overall. You still get the mathy riffs, the jazzy grooves, and the hardcore-style vocals, but you get more of them, and you get only the best of them. II II II’s use of chords and arpeggi is pretty researched and outlines interesting forms and progressions. Most of the album can be expressed in 4/4 time, but with odd and interesting subdivisions of the measures, give or take a few quavers. Frequency Illusion represents some creamy good mathcore – of the lighter kind – that’s sure to give you goosebumps and make your head bob all the while.