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From Berlin, Germany, Flora is a duo comprised of singer Flora Dekkers and pianist Benjamin Geyer. This is a very simple foundation, and, accordingly, it leads up to quite a minimalistic building, but the beauty and grace of it all entirely fills the remaining space.

At first, Flora’s voice reminded me of Lauren Kinsella’s, in Snowpoet and Blue-Eyed Hawk, but Flora’s singer has her own intonation, inflections, and timbre after the initial impression.

Flora is a simple and concise EP. It’s made of four songs, plus an introduction that is more than only a filler piece, that add up to a little more than twenty minutes. The compositions of Flora Dekkers, albeit minimalistic in instrumentation, show a deepness and hidden complexity in the synthesizers and structures. And, obviously, the vocal performance is what one should expect from a voice bachelor.

In conclusion, Flora’s self-titled EP is atmospheric and emotional, restrained but grandiloquent; it is blissful, beautiful, graceful pop music with jazz and classical music undertones.

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