The Burden Of Existence – The Burden Of Existence

Even if I really like and tried to follow the band Canvas Solaris, I wasn’t really aware that they have disbanded yet, and I didn’t know anything about their side project The Burden Of Existence.

Consisting of the same lineup as the former group but with an added female singer, we’re sure to find the same musical prowesses that were their signature. On top of it, their singer Narissa really is a great singer, bringing a lot of depth to the music with her melodies and harmonies. However there was a price to pay to include it, and it’s the … Read more

Second To Sun – GT DJNT

After their crazy album “Based On A True Story”, the Russian guys from Second To Sun have once again outdone themselves, this time in the form of GT DJNT, an representation of the subgenre’s past, present, and future styles.

No need to say that although being an artistic representation, it captures the essence of three distinct periods in djent’s history, the Meshuggan “past period”, the actual, should I say Peripheran period, and a future one, and only time will tell if they went all Nostradamus or if they failed at imagining the future, but it’s nevertheless a fun experiment to … Read more

██████ – Demo 2013

Just for their name, or lack of, I had to post about them. Luckily enough, ██████, Nic, or wedonthaveaname – call them what you will – make sweet music!

If you’re into the atmospheric black metal and the post-hardcore realms of music, you’ll probably dig those whose name shan’t be spoken. And keep in mind this is only a demo! A demo! And it’s really promising : some bands releases EPs or LPs that are way worse than this; I mean it sounds great!

There’s a heavy focus on instrumental sections, full of clean guitars, eery leads, cool rhythms and … Read more

Prymary – The Enemy Inside

Prymary is one hell of a band. In all seriousness, it’s comparable to Dream Theater, Redemption, Symphony X, etc. except that they are pretty much unknown by all. So if you feel concerned by the bands I just named, keep reading and spoil yourself!

The best thing Prymary has done, apart from this very album, is the arrival of Jackson Heskett on vocal duties. And just for this reason, I couldn’t recommend the band’s earlier works. Heskett’s voice just has that tone, it’s just so damn good! So yeah, Prymary’s music is quite similar to the bands I’ve mentioned earlier: … Read more

AeneA – Perennial EP

The fact that the album was released in 2011 should not make you overlook it, for it is one pretty damn fine piece of music! San Diego’s Aenea made some really strong progressive metal even in an age shrouded in djent copycats. For your information, this band isn’t one.

Deciding to ditch the new “progressive metal” sound (note the quotation marks and the italic letters) in favour of the more traditional yet more malleable prog-metal sound is always a winning bet. Don’t get me wrong, I love some djent from time to time, it’s just that there are so much … Read more