The Burden Of Existence – The Burden Of Existence

Even if I really like and tried to follow the band Canvas Solaris, I wasn’t really aware that they have disbanded yet, and I didn’t know anything about their side project The Burden Of Existence.

Consisting of the same lineup as the former group but with an added female singer, we’re sure to find the same musical prowesses that were their signature. On top of it, their singer Narissa really is a great singer, bringing a lot of depth to the music with her melodies and harmonies. However there was a price to pay to include it, and it’s the “crazy” element that got pushed down a little. You won’t get any song as out-there as, for example, Heat Distortion Manifest, but there’s still great musicianship and songwriting skills at play here!

The sound of Canvas Solaris, although altered, is still recognizable within The Burden Of Existence, and that really makes for an outstanding female-fronted pop-prog act. The album is full of diversity and variations and, like I wrote earlier, Narissa’s voice is wonderful!

Even though we might still mourn the death of Canvas Solaris and hope for some kind of reunion, The Burden Of Existence offers a strong alternative to those who miss their crazy music!

You can download the album for free here.

On May 2 2014, this entry was posted.