Second To Sun – GT DJNT

After their crazy album “Based On A True Story”, the Russian guys from Second To Sun have once again outdone themselves, this time in the form of GT DJNT, an representation of the subgenre’s past, present, and future styles.

No need to say that although being an artistic representation, it captures the essence of three distinct periods in djent’s history, the Meshuggan “past period”, the actual, should I say Peripheran period, and a future one, and only time will tell if they went all Nostradamus or if they failed at imagining the future, but it’s nevertheless a fun experiment to have done, and to listen to!

What’s even more impressive is that they’ve compressed all this knowledge, all these influences, into three 32 second songs, and only one song structure that varies depending on the historical period. Needless to say this leaves you unsatiated, but the music is so compact and layered that it’s like swallowing a pill that contains a whole meal.

In any case, GT DJNT delivers the band’s view on djent’s history, and a glimpse at the futur of its music. If you’re interested, I recommend you check out their last album because it’s brutal as fuck!

On May 1 2014, this entry was posted.