The RALPH – Delimiter

The Ralph will take you on a trip you will never forget. Their huge wall of delayed guitar chords begs to be listened to on long drives. These motherfuckers known how to write great songs that do not get stale or too repetitive. The usage of huge and “epic” sounding chords give the song it’s general feel and then they make you interested with clever riffs enter smoothly and leave as smoothly. The lead female vocals are also a refreshing thing to take in. I do wish they were a bit more forward in the mix. I really like the vibe they give the songs with the mellow vibes that this band are going for. What I also enjoyed is the vocalist doesn’t sing over every second of the band and allows the band space to take over.

The album ends off with “Space Hobo” which is just filled with melodic and creative lead lines throughout the track with great harmonized guitars in some spots. It’s very interesting to hear a band who clearly has been influenced by the modern djent/progressive metal scenes but decides to stay away from what they emphasis by trying to be extremely heavy or extremely complicated. The Ralph have truly written a great album that is relatively simple but always manages to interest you.

On May 4 2014, this entry was posted.