Fail Emotions – Renaissance

Disregarding the horrendous orthographical error in the bandcamp album named Renaissence, it is one good shot at reconciling trance music with metal in general, although it relies heavily on the djent side of things.

Fail Emotions already did the experience with their previous album Transfornation and their EP Speed Of Light as well as with their more recent single Gravity. Each time perfecting their blend of djent, dubstep, and trance among other things.

The new arrival is sure to please to early followers, but should once again make the purists flee, accompanied with the electro-hater metalheads and the harsh vocals-hater faint-eared. But for those with a slightly open mind will come to love the mixing of elements which can lure you into thinking you actually have friends because it will make you feel like you’re clubbing, all the while listening to your favourite style of music : metal!

Renaissance is the first part of a fully fledged album, and it’s available on bandcamp and iTunes!

On May 5 2014, this entry was posted.