Prymary – The Enemy Inside

Prymary is one hell of a band. In all seriousness, it’s comparable to Dream Theater, Redemption, Symphony X, etc. except that they are pretty much unknown by all. So if you feel concerned by the bands I just named, keep reading and spoil yourself!

The best thing Prymary has done, apart from this very album, is the arrival of Jackson Heskett on vocal duties. And just for this reason, I couldn’t recommend the band’s earlier works. Heskett’s voice just has that tone, it’s just so damn good! So yeah, Prymary’s music is quite similar to the bands I’ve mentioned earlier: long multi-piece epics, but also short, more straight to the point ones, filled with cool chord progressions, uncommon time signatures, shredding/tapping all over the place, slower piano-driven sections, and I could go on and on.

In all honesty I was really surprised when I noticed that they are not well-known at all! I mean, their facebook page has under 50 likes, if that’s an indication of anything! The dudes are talented as hell on all instruments, and boy do they know how to write good songs, and awesome lyrics! I mean, it’s like buying beer from a microbrewery I guess! You can get that same good tasty blonde crafted a bit differently by a brewery that no one has ever heard of, and that’s Prymary. At least that’s The Enemy Inside.

You should definitely go and give them a try if that’s in your taste range.

On April 30 2014, this entry was posted.