Car Bomb – Meta Teaser

The crazy mathcore band that is Car Bomb recently began sending image and music files to their fans, but none showed the complete picture. With a total of 36 tiles and music files, their publicity stunt brought their fans together in order to complete it and be able to see and hear what’s cooking! We’ve put a lot of effort on our facebook page and on forums all around the internet to be able to put the pieces together, and I must give a huge thank you to Simon Timothy Dawes (check out his bands, they are out of this world!), who gave me a strong hand by putting all the files on dropbox and glueing all the audio files together. As for the cover art, I’ve pieced it together, and it looks like this:
Considering both their previous album covers, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that it looks all messed up and wrong. Of course, the border of the tiles are showing here and there, but they shouldn’t appear on the final product. However, I couldn’t help but think that there might be more to the cover than that, thanks again to Simon for making me doubt it’s only that, so I played a bit with the image and found a pretty dope alternate cover:
I have no idea if it’s right or wrong, but it sure does look awesome!

Car Bomb haven’t announced anything official on the new album as of now, but since their puzzle has been solved – at the very least all the pieces are together -, I expect them to make a statement about it very soon. Meanwhile, you can listen to this three-minute teaser over and over and over and over… And keep an eye on their facebook page for updates!