AJ Froman – Phoenix Syndrome


“Retro” is a term that to some, applies solely to bands that are derivative, stagnant, unoriginal, uncreative, and too mired in the past to produce anything of value, like your dad’s bar band. I must say that retro psychedelic progressive rockers AJ Froman prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is not true at all on their latest release, Phoenix Syndrome (well, not necessarily true, anyway).

Everything here sounds like it could have plausibly been written and recorded in the 1970s. The riffs, bass lines, and synths wouldn’t sound out of place at all. I mean no disrespect by that … Read more

Thieves’ Kitchen – Clockwork Universe

Prog rockers Thieves’ Kitchen hail from the UK and Sweden. Their sixth full-length album,  The Clockwork Universe, charts a course through spacetime to a destination somewhere in 1970s Canterbury, UK. The jazz and folk infused style of progressive rock particular to this spacetime neighborhood, rather than being an obsolete relic of the past, still boasts untapped veins of creative gold. Along the journey, we’re treated to a sprawling 20 minute prog epic, as well as a couple instrumental and percussion-less tracks that sound more like contemporary classical chamber music than any kind of … Read more

Review: Circuline – Return

That’s it. I think I’ve found it. The reason why progressive music is related to being snob, and why you will be named a prog snob from time to time. Circuline might be the most pretentious and “snob” prog rock band out there. And for a so-called “modern” progressive rock band, they’re straight from the 80’s and 90’s prog rock era to me. Stuck in the past, the nose up their ass.

Let me just put all that’s wrong, just with their music video for One Wish. And I’m not even going to talk about the music itself, for … Read more

Review: Seer – Vol. 1

From Beautiful British-Columbia comes Seer, a vintage-sounding stoner/sludge metal band which makes them, from this point of view, similar to Dawnbringer. Obviously, the two bands have wildly different influences and goals for their music, but still.

I have to say I really like the inclusion of a harmonica in the first of the two songs on Vol. 1, I think it’s a rather underused instrument, particularly in metal, and with the exception of Blood & Banjos, I really don’t have any name in mind who used one, even in other genres! The production and sound is clear, … Read more

Heart of Cygnus flatlining

After having given us 4 fantastic albums, and memorable songs, Heart of Cygnus has beaten their last pulse. Here’s the official statement from facebook:

Heart of Cygnus has been a kick-ass band that took on a life of it’s own, and I was happy to be a part of the adventure. But like real life, time moves on, seasons change, everything changes; change is the only thing that doesn’t change.
So, after seven years and four albums, Heart of Cygnus is done. It was a good run.
I want to thank every single person who supported the band… Thank you.

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FIXIONS – Driver

Though summer is mostly gone, our beloved hot, summer days are and will be present for quite some time, so the conditions could not be more appropriate for this unexpected

release of this electronic substistence from France.cover FIXIONS delivered an all new EP in all secrecy, designed for short, but sweet unplanned trips far away from home.

‘Summer Clouds’ picks us up, just where the wistful and enigmatic ‘Uhler’, from last year’s Euphorion left us. This EP is yet another different approach in FIXIONS’ music, fusing both old and newly adopted elements, albeit somewhat different from  what can be heard … Read more

Dawnbringer – Into the Lair of the Sun God (2012)

Have you ever heard of Dawnbringer? …Well up until last week, neither had I. But I can say this… after discovering this band, I feel a piece of my life has been restored, one that I didn’t even know was missing! And I hope this has the same effect on you! ~Fulton

For more information on Dawnbringer please visit:

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