Review: Seer – Vol. 1

From Beautiful British-Columbia comes Seer, a vintage-sounding stoner/sludge metal band which makes them, from this point of view, similar to Dawnbringer. Obviously, the two bands have wildly different influences and goals for their music, but still.

I have to say I really like the inclusion of a harmonica in the first of the two songs on Vol. 1, I think it’s a rather underused instrument, particularly in metal, and with the exception of Blood & Banjos, I really don’t have any name in mind who used one, even in other genres! The production and sound is clear, and excellent, and has that analog/vintage feel to it, but everything’s modern-tight. The riffs are great, too, and the part beneath the harmonica, even though it’s just one note, is awesome! Great, simple, effective riff there!

The two-song EP is rather short, clicking at around 14 minutes, but what it does is making us ask for more. And the guys are allegedly working on Vol. 2 so, there’s hope that it comes in the near future!

Go check em out!