Heart of Cygnus flatlining

After having given us 4 fantastic albums, and memorable songs, Heart of Cygnus has beaten their last pulse. Here’s the official statement from facebook:

Heart of Cygnus has been a kick-ass band that took on a life of it’s own, and I was happy to be a part of the adventure. But like real life, time moves on, seasons change, everything changes; change is the only thing that doesn’t change.
So, after seven years and four albums, Heart of Cygnus is done. It was a good run.
I want to thank every single person who supported the band… Thank you.
Keep in touch to discover my new projects!
~Jeff Lane

They leave us with an awesome dystopian future album, Utopia, which is my favourite of all, a fantasy-inspired Over Mountain, Under Hill, a retro-futuristic EP with a killer 10-minute epic, Tales From Outer Space!, and their most recent album, The Voyage of Jonas.

What’s worse is that they leave us with an incomplete story for Utopia, because it is clearly written on the back of the CD case: “Utopia: Book One”, leaving us to believe in a sequel or, perhaps, even a trilogy! That is really what saddens me the most.

But, in their memory, let’s play all their discography today!
Here’s a link to their albums!

And a few videos!