Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 15 September

Dysylumn – Occultation (black metal)
On Egregor Records

Geryon – Astomatous (avant-garde death metal)

ハイパーライトニングハイドラ (Haipā Raitoningu Haidora) Hyper Lightning Hydra – 宇宙ヒエロファントX (Uchū hierofanto X) Cosmic Hierophant X (progressive metal, MIDI)

i.o – Within Scattered Systems (free jazz, mathcore)

Mehdi Nabti & Prototype – Les règles de l’Art (ethno-ingénierie) (world fusion, modern jazz)

Nott – Vestigium mortis (death metal, doom metal)
On Obscvrvs Records

Teleport – The Expansion (blackened death metal)
On Caligari Records

Sunday, 16

Leap of Faith – Irreducibility (free jazz)

Mor Ensemble – Mor (world fusion)

Monday, 17

Colin Webster, Andrew Lisle, and Otto Willberg – Static Garbled Dreams (free jazz)

Melquiades – Oyster Eggs (math rock, jazz fusion)

Okidoki – When Oki Meets Doki (jazz fusion)
On Métisse Music

Tuesday, 18

Stoort Neer – En glad titel på en sorglig skiva (atmospheric djent, progressive metalcore)

Wednesday, 19

Mathcore Index – Volume 5 (compilation)

Neckbeard Deathcamp and Gaylord – United Antifascist Evil (black metal)
On Ligma Productions

Thursday, 20

Guntario – Anima (art pop)

Mischief Night – Dark Sky at Night, Chinese Delight (progressive rock, post-hardcore)

Opposite Day – Divide by Nothing (progressive rock, math rock)

Sten Hostfalt – Four Pieces for Microtonal Guitar / Transformations (avant-garde jazz)
On Sonus Rex

WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble – Give Thy Ear (modern jazz)

Friday, 21

Abysmal Torment – The Misanthrope (brutal technical death metal)
On Willowtip Records

Bangladeafy – Ribboncutter (mathcore)
On Nefarious Industries

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Brandon Seabrook Trio – Convulsionaries (experimental jazz)
On Astral Spirits

Deeply Woven – Deeply Woven (instrumental progressive metal, prog fusion)

Gazelle Twin – Pastoral (experimental pop)
On Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records

Get the Blessing – Bristopia (modern jazz)
On Kartel Music Group

Heaven – IAPOE (experimental jazz)
On Clean Feed Records

New York Standards Quartet – 天国 (Tengoku) Heaven Steps to Seven (modern jazz)
On Whirlwind Recordings

Sumac – Love in Shadow (post-metal)
On Thrill Jockey Records

Voivod – The Wake (thrash metal)
On Century Media Records

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