Byo Noise Generator – Neuromechanica

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Russia’s Byo Noise Generator—stylized as ByoNoiseGenerator—just released their sophomore release: Neuromechanica. The band claims to merge brutal death metal, grindcore, and jazz into a coherent whole, which is an impressive feat if it’s true. But there are a few amendments to make to it.

First of all, the music here on display is indeed brutal and grinding, and the composition, interpretation, and production of it is quite stunning. One thing that sets Byo Noise Generator apart from other similar bands is their permanent use of a saxophonist. Alas, sax does not jazz make, and therefore, except for a handful of short interludes separating the whitewaters of brutal grindcore, there is nothing jazzy about the compositions. So, we have a debate of another kind: Does alternating between genres truly incorporate them together, or does it take a more visceral merger? I am of the latter opinion.

Despite unsuccessfully fulfilling their mandate, Byo Noise Generator’s brutal deathgrind is really good and worthy of your time; I mean, how common is it to be able to hear sax in this genre? This is still improved by the collage of the aforementioned jazzy interludes who, despite not truly incorporating with the other parts, serve as a marbling which well ornaments the music and adds a certain flavour to it. This album is short, brutal, and consistently great. It’s a must-have.

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