Karas, Molly Drag, High Tension, Stop Motion Orchestra, Other Families, Moon Goons, Octaves, Irreversible Mechanism, and Stuff.

Karas – Karas

Karas display an impressive force with their self-titled debut. Post-black metal, atmospheric and at times very melodic, with shameless influences of post-hardcore music, this album is a must!

Molly Drag – Thumper

Montreal’s indie rock band Molly Drag, sometimes labeled slowcore, released recently Thumper, their newest collection of sad songs. Dreamy and shoegazy, it’s a slow and contemplative record, and that’s where all its beauty resides.

High Tension – Purge

High Tension is a promising blend of blackened death metal and post-hardcore, which they expertly play on Purge, their fourth album. This band is feminist, anti-colonial, and communist; all the more reasons to check them out!

Stop Motion Orchestra – Lightworks

The Stop Motion Orchestra of Texas recently released Lightworks, one of the finest progressive rock records. Beyond the simple use of keyboard patches of so-called “symphonic prog” bands, Stop Motion Orchestra use their diverse instrumentation and advanced composition techniques to give us a truly symphonic vibe of electric classical music.

Other Families – Moonrock

This Canadian band plays wildly in the realms of jazz, indie pop, and electronic music. Moonrock is full of odd and charming moments, of chaos and order, and of strange melodies. Definitely an oddity worth checking out!

Moon Goons – Space Trash

This might be the band that sounds closest to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard other than itself. Moon Goons, of Indianapolis, play the same high-energy psychedelic rock that Gizz has come to be known for. Of course, Moon Goons is its own entity, but the comparisons are too obvious not to be drawn. Great and fun album!

Octaves – Exact Change

Exact Change is an almost theatrical progressive metal album that almost sounds like a blend of Sikth and Mr. Bungle. Octaves sure earned their place on my watchlist. I’m eager to listen to more from them!

Irreversible Mechanism – Immersion

The Canadian progressive and technical death metal band Irreversible Mechanism has gone much more atmospheric than I knew or remembered them to be on Immersion. The album is an impressive opus on many fronts: technicality, production quality, diversity, and I’m just naming a few! Definitely check it out; it’s available for free via Blood Music!

Stuff. – Old Dreams, New Planets

This electro-jazz album is pure pleasure to listen to. Of course, I’d like it to show some teeth and sway into more unleashed passages from time to time, but, as it is, Stuff.‘s newest is a fantastic chill-out journey.

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