Weekly Release Dump

Sunday, 8

Vacuus – Hyperkulturemia (progressive rock, math rock, art rock)

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Monday, 9

Aidan Baker – Chrome Mouth (ambient, post rock)

Cordoba – Break the Locks Off Everything New (jazz fusion)

Tierpark – 바캉스 (Bakangseu) / Vacance (math rock, dream pop)

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Tuesday, 10

Alkymist – Spellcraft Ceremony (blackened doom metal)

Wednesday, 11

Deadspace – Mouth of Scorpions (atmospheric black metal)

Mental Architects – ⠠⠠⠞⠗⠥⠑⠎⠊⠣⠞ (Truesight) (post-metal)

Thursday, 12

Christophe Monniot – Jericho sinfonia (avant-garde jazz)

i.o – -|- Red Beam Speeches (experimental rock, experimental jazz)

Friday, 13

Æpoch – Awakening Inception (progressive technical death metal)

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The Black Heart Rebellion – دختری در شب تنها به خانه می رود / “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”, an Alternative Soundtrack to the Motion Picture (experimental folk, experimental rock)

Chaos Echœs with Mats Gustafsson – Sustain (avant-garde black metal)

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The Dali Thundering Concept – Savages (progressive metalcore, djent)

Death Engine – Place Noire (blackened hardcore)

The Earth & I – The Candleman and the Curtain (progressive metal)

Eigengrau – Radiant (atmospheric djent, post-rock)

Fred Cracklin – Looming Spook (experimental math rock)

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea and Reindeer Castle – Split (math rock)

Hauste – Leavings (math rock, post-rock)

Heron – A Low Winter’s Sun (sludge metal, doom metal)

Hjärna Waves – Copied City (progressive metalcore)

Kindo – Happy However After (alternative rock, jazz)

Møl – Jord (blackgaze)

Our Place of Worship Is Silence – With Inexorable Suffering (blackened death metal)

Pablo Held Trio – Investigations (modern jazz)

Pryapisme – Epic Loon Original Soundtrack (progressive metal, video game music)

Scientist – Barbelith (sludge metal)

Shape the Above – At the Hands of Loss (progressive death metal)

Sunstitutor – Of Red-Life (experimental electronic music, experimental jazz)

Whoresnation – Mephitism (grindcore, powerviolence)

Yashira – Shrine (blackened death metal)

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