Black Matter Device, Sons of Kemet, Jyocho, Antlers, Pryapisme, Malcolm Braff Trio, Claret Ash, Safety Squad, and Cordoba

Black Matter Device – Modern Frenetics

The Virginia band takes cues from many mathcore eras, from The Dillinger Escape Plan to Arsonists Get All the Girls, to Car Bomb, and the result is obviously very good! Modern Frenetics is aggressive, noisy, and, well, frenetic. It’s nice to see the new evolution in mathcore technology!

Sons of Kemet – Your Queen Is a Reptile

Sons of Kemet is the latest appearance of saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, whom we adored with his band the Ancestors. Your Queen Is a Reptile follows somewhat the same genre: world fusion. Well made and genuine world fusion is truly wonderful music, and I’m glad to say that this album is exactly that!

Jyocho – 互いの宇宙 (Tagai no uchū)

Jyocho‘s math rock, mixed with pop and folk music, is truly one of the more stellar examples of what the genre has to offer. Even if I have to deplore how difficult it is for people outside of Japan to follow what’s happening with this project, it’s more than worth the hassle! 互いの宇宙 (Tagai no uchū) is the band’s latest EP, and it is more of the same that we’ve grown accustomed to from them, which is one thing I certainly won’t deplore!

Antlers – Beneath. Below. Behold.

Germany’s Antlers make atmospheric black metal, but they really stand out among the sea of more-or-less inspired projects of that ilk. For one, they are an actual band, and not one of countless solo bands, which counts for something nowadays! Beneath. Below. Behold. is an expansive album that sinks its teeth into you with its captivating song structures and themes. I really liked it!

Pryapisme – Epic Loon Original Soundtrack

French eccentric progressive metal band Pryapisme are not newcomers in the field of soundtrack music. In 2013, they wrote music for the French documentary “Le tournoi des légendes / Tournament of Legends”, which focused on the 2012 EVO Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Championship. It is, however, the first time that the band scores an actual game: the indie platformer Epic Loon! I must say that it’s worth playing the game just for the soundtrack! Pryapisme’s electronic and light-hearted progressive metal shines on this release. Press start and enjoy!

Malcolm Braff Trio – Inside

This discovery came to me by a friend, and much more knowledgeable jazz fan (and player) than I am! Malcolm Braff has been experimenting with the new concept of microtime. This album, and this song in particular, is where he explores the idea, and I must say it’s at once challenging, beautiful, and mind-blowing. Basically, it’s about opening a new way of thinking about feel and rhythm, and it’s really amazing. This album was released in 2011, but it is still very contemporary!

Claret Ash – The Great Adjudication

After releasing the first fragment of this album last year, Australian progressive black metal crew Claret Ash releases the second one and the complete album at the same time. Together, the two fragments make up a very decent black metal album that’s at times atmospheric, and at others sounds much more like blackened death metal release. That’s a new addition to the list of good Australian black metal acts!

Safety Squad – Into the Danger Zone

A new jazz big band playing in the lines of Snaggle and Snarky Puppy, you say? Count me in! Columbus’ jazz fusion twelve-piece Safety Squad brings the strong grooves and fun tunes to the table with Into the Danger Zone. If you can’t get enough of that sort of jazz – I can’t blame you –, here’s a new addition to feed your addiction!

Cordoba – Break the Locks Off Everything New

Jazz is the perfect vehicle to convey revolutionary sentiments and ideas for protest. Cordoba takes that ideal and releases Break the Locks Off Everything New, a jazz fusion calling for major societal changes. I must say that the atmosphere has quickly turned dire, down south, and this album is more than important. So, on top of good fusion, you get important calls for action on this album! Go and get it!

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