Turbamulta – Turbamulta

The Words

The minimalistic contemporary classical quintet Turbamulta released their self-titled album via Clean Feed Records on 16 March. The near-fifty-minute album is made of three main tracks, two of which are divided into smaller pieces, and a shorter interlude. The composition-improvisation process of the chamber ensemble seems quite unique and somewhat convoluted. From what I can gather, it seems like they reiterate upon previous improvised sessions, in a sort of musical feedback loop. I’d like to know more about it, but the words of the label itself seem shrouded in lyrical musings.

Nevertheless, the end product is pure joy to listen to. And by pure joy I mean that it would probably revolt the average music listener. But not you, worthy and avid horde of readers! There are a few instruments in the credits that are worth highlighting, like the daxophone, an electric friction idiophone. Apparently, it gives off a sound similar to that of a badger, so… keep your ears peeled! There is also mention of electronic instruments and sampling, but it is somewhat difficult to notice it. In any case, if you want a strange and challenging but rather low-key album to listen to, this might be the one!

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