trioVD – Fill It Up With Ghosts

trioVD is an experimental jazz trio from the UK, and Fill It Up With Ghosts is their 2009 debut album. After this one, they’ve released X in 2011 and Maze in 2012.

I would readily compare trioVD with T.R.A.M., as they’re both experimental jazz trios comprised of a saxophone, a guitar, and drums. Both lacking the low end and groove provided by the bass guitar; it may be because I’m a bassist myself that I find this somewhat enraging, but it is quite upsetting that such great music goes without a bassist, it seems like such a waste! Still, trioVD, as well as T.R.A.M., put out such incredible music that I really can’t hold a grudge against their non-quatuor status. But, the comparisons most likely stop there.

trioVD just plays an assault to your ears in various ways. It’s structurally, melodically, and rhythmically complex, but there is a certain and tangible progression between the parts of a song, and within a song from beginning to end. Polyrhythms, counterpoints, and many other kinds of musical schizophrenia are displayed on this album, and are occasionally accompanied by vocals – not sung nor in spoken voice, just… I’ll just say they fit quite nicely with the music, as in the album’s closing track “Cow Dun”.

In the end, Fill It Up With Ghosts is a marvellous album, and I’m quite excited to listen to the two ulterior releases of the band. If you’re a fan of really well-crafted experimental rock with an important jazz influence (or maybe it’s the other way around), this album’s for you! It is sublime!