The Gabriel Construct or the quintessence of progressive rock

Gabriel Lucas Riccio. That name probably doesn’t ring a bell… yet! Because after listening to the masterpiece that is Interior City, his name will sit besides those of legends like Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic) or Casey Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter).

With ex members of Periphery (Travis Orbin, Tom Murphy), David Stivelman, Soren Larson, and Sophia Uddin, the band feeds on dissonant chords layered with vocal harmonies with many complex rhythms as a backbone. Adding to the traditional guitar-bass-drum band, pianos and keyboards fill the few vacant spots musically speaking, and finally the saxophone is like an olive in a Martini. I don’t like olives on their own, but they are just a perfect complement in the drink.

The Gabriel Construct brews their very own beer with an immediately distinguishable taste that is sure to evoke long slumbering feelings of wonder and imaginary in your mind. Honestly, while listening to the album for the first time, I felt like a child again, and that’s a feeling that can hardly be bought. Oh the power of music…

You can buy Interior City on their bandcamp page or on their official website, and finally make sure to like them on facebook!

That album is KILLER! It definitely earns our seal of approval! Dang!