The Algorithm – Brute Force

In today’s world, the modern metal scene finds itself facing an odd paradox of being more diverse and varied than ever before, while also having a notably larger number of puritans than a lot of other music scenes. As such, the word “gimmick” gets thrown around way more than it has any right to be, and with an act like The Algorithm I’d say that finding this label tossed about is pretty much a given. However, with the release of its latest album Brute Force, The Algorithm not only completely dismisses the notion of being merely a “gimmick act” … Read more

The Algorithm – Polymorphic Code

United Kingdom seems to bombard us all with heavy as balls djent. And everytime it has something special, out of the ordinary.

Last time, it was Hacktivist with their rappers throwing 100 words per second at us.

Now, The Algorithm connects us to the Matrix, uploads us to Mainframe, and makes us travel in the electron flow of a circuit board with their progressive technical metal figuratively bathed in electronic music.

Polymorphic Code makes me sad, however. Sad that I was not the one to write that outstanding record. Sad and angry, in fact.

On the other hand, I … Read more