Daniel’s Top 31 Albums of 2021

Another year, another list of favourite albums released 3 months too late. At least I’m consistent in my poor timing nowadays, I suppose.

Either way, 2021 was a fun year for my music browsing. A good amount of healthy variety throughout, even if there wasn’t too much that truly astounded me. But yeah, I’m hoping this list will have a little something for all sorts, even if my tastes fell in a rather particular direction this year. (Perhaps someone will notice.) Regardless, I’ve spent more than enough time typing this out already, so with no more fuss to be had, … Read more

Cloudkicker – Woum

In a day and age where it’s hard to make a living through writing and or performing music it’s good to see people just doing it to express themselves.

Cloudkicker means a lot to me. I’ve always been exploring music actively and this blog is a huge reason for that. Now one of the oddest individuals I’ve seen since this journey has started has been the success and development of cloudkicker. I have even gotten the chance to catch cloudkicker live with intronaut as the backing band, there is a live album from the tour also. Now cloudkicker is … Read more