Daniel’s Top 31 Albums of 2021

Another year, another list of favourite albums released 3 months too late. At least I’m consistent in my poor timing nowadays, I suppose.

Either way, 2021 was a fun year for my music browsing. A good amount of healthy variety throughout, even if there wasn’t too much that truly astounded me. But yeah, I’m hoping this list will have a little something for all sorts, even if my tastes fell in a rather particular direction this year. (Perhaps someone will notice.) Regardless, I’ve spent more than enough time typing this out already, so with no more fuss to be had, … Read more

Best albums of 2014

So, it’s that time of the year again. It’s snowy, it’s cold, it’s dark, and we’re about to change the last numeral on our calendar… Most of us will have to take some time to anchor this change in their head and will probably still write “2014” whenever they’re asked what year it is, but still. 2014 has been a great year in music releases, and I’ve had the honour of sharing almost all the music I’ve discovered and enjoyed with you guys (whoever reads this blog, if any!), and it’s my pleasure to do so, as always!

Now comes … Read more