Archspire – Relentless Mutation

Canadian band Archspire surely needs no introduction. With a single album, they defined themselves as the epitome of their genre and a paragon to strive for. That genre is technical death metal – tech-death for short –, and that album was The Lucid Collective, released in 2014. Earlier this month, the Vancouverites released their new album, under the edgy moniker Relentless Mutation. More than simply a follow-up, it’s actually a step up, as incredible as it sounds from a band already seen as over the top as this one. A while ago now, they teased a drum practice Read more

Exotype’s new single make us feel like it’s 2001 all over again (but with better riffs)

Featuring DJ Rekoil, “For Those Afraid To Speak”, off of their upcoming self-titled album sounds like a less limp bizkit, featuring modern riffing and more harsh vocals than the Durst. This has got me excited for the album, in a strange way. I’m regressing back to my inside teenager and I want more LB, and more LP to try to sing to in my bedroom while chatting to friends on Messenger (the MSN one).

Yep. I’m buying this.… Read more