New Red Seas Fire Exposed!

This band of jolly djent rockers just released a totally new 4-track EP entitled Exposition, and it blows (the nuclear blast kind of blow)!

And to quote mr. fluff191 : “this is amazeballs”!

Reach over to this very address and demand your own version of this digital 4-tracker for free!

For my part, I’ve always like the groove of RSF, along with hints of electronic music throughout, and the distinctive voice of their singer! RSF 4 PREZ!

Red Seas Fire on facebook.

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The Brutal Deceiver in a video and two songs

Side-project of As We Draw, The Brutal Deceiver puts the bar so fucking high with this video for the song We Are Legion. I’m so buying this album when it comes out (spring 2013).

And it goes by the lovely name of “Go Die. One By One”


And here’s the bandcamp stream (two songs only).


Give them some love on their facebook page

and on bandcamp

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