The Pneumatic Transit premieres Enochian Dyskinesia

The new baby of Jeff Zampillo, formerly of Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, The Pneumatic Transit, has released about 3 minutes of one of their new songs, called Enochian Dyskinesia. It seems like their songs are too extensive to single them out, so we get only 3 minutes of one. And that 3 minutes finishes way too quickly to my taste. Well, at least I kinda know what to expect from their album, “Concerto for Double Moon”. At this moment, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s jazzy rock or rocky jazz… but it sounds pretty prog … Read more

Review: Tigran Hamasyan – Mockroot

The rhythm section on Mockroot: (from left to right) Sam Minaie (bass), Tigran Hamasyan, and Arthur Hnatek (drums)  CREDIT: Maeve Stam

The rhythm section on Mockroot (from left to right), Sam Minaie (bass), Tigran Hamasyan, and Arthur Hnatek (drums)
CREDIT: Maeve Stam

Being a musical genius is hard. Not in the, “Oh, I’m a musical genius, I’m so oppressed, pity me” sense, but rather in the sense that one must live up to the expectations one has created. This is of course not a problem limited to the realm of music; all artists must ultimately struggle with it. If an artist has released material before, their new work is inevitably, and necessarily, put into a particular context. One must walk a … Read more

Review: At War With Self – Circadian Rhythm Disorder

At War With Self is a progressive rock/jazz fusion endeavour with Marco Minnemann and Glenn Snelwar. At first, it makes me think of the Pitts Minnemann project’s 2L82B Normal, probably because Marco’s drumming is really a signature sound. There is a lot of work put into this album, and it truly pays off, for your listening pleasure

Marco Minnemann is widely regarded as one beast of a drummer, after all he was pretty much close second on Dream Theater’s drum auditions, and he’s participated in a vastitude of musical projects: Paul Gilbert, Necrophagist, The Aristocrats, and multiple other ones. Glenn … Read more

News: Axon-Neuron releases a new song!

Shattered is a new song from jazz, rock and metal fusionists Axon-Neuron, and their first appearance on video, too! The new singer doesn’t depart too much from the band’s previous ones and seem to be a perfect match. In Shattered the band starts it really smooth only to build up continuously and end up in a progressive metal moshfest. I have said before and I say again that this band is a premium example of extended range guitars being used out of the djent spectrum, which has more or less become a parody of itself. The 9-string axe in … Read more