Scare Don’t Fear, the new hip-hop – metal transgenre

Rap or hip-hop mixed with heavy metal is something dreaded because so many tried and failed at it.

Recently, Hacktivist has given me (and other people) hope for the success of the surgery. Now, Scare Don’t Fear comes with an album, Destroy | Rebuild, with an other perspective than that offered by above mentioned Hacktivist.

Instead of taking pure djent as a base, they seem to take in influences from metalcore, electronic and dance music, as well as a little bit of djent, too.

The rap is good, the scream is good, the music is good… Destroy | Read more

New Mad Essence in 2014, and in English

Listen to their latest album, Transmission.

Rehumanization is the name of the upcoming album from Russia’s electronicore group Mad Essence.

According to a facebook update, Rehumanization won’t be too different from Transmission, although more complete, as Transmission was more of a transition than the whole idea. It will still feature loads of different musical genres mixed together on the electronicore background.

“[Electronicore is] one of the few musical genres, really capturing the spirit of modern world” and changing their lyrical composition from Russian to English is in order to reach the most people and … Read more

Mad Essence – Transmission

So yeah, merging electronic music with djent-y or metalcore-y stuff isn’t that new, but bands that do this well are just too few. I couldn’t even name you one off the top of my head (while I think of it : Instant Suppression)

From Ukraine comes this unique and outstanding group of fellows. Elements of dance, trance, and electro are emphasized on the more metal elements, but metalheads are not left to starve: 8 string guitar riffing and shredding (courtesy of Mark Hawkins from Devolved), metal drumming, and harsh singing are all in the box.

This album was made for … Read more