Mad Essence – Transmission

So yeah, merging electronic music with djent-y or metalcore-y stuff isn’t that new, but bands that do this well are just too few. I couldn’t even name you one off the top of my head (while I think of it : Instant Suppression)

From Ukraine comes this unique and outstanding group of fellows. Elements of dance, trance, and electro are emphasized on the more metal elements, but metalheads are not left to starve: 8 string guitar riffing and shredding (courtesy of Mark Hawkins from Devolved), metal drumming, and harsh singing are all in the box.

This album was made for all of us open-minded music lovers who don’t hate on electronic/dance/house elements when it’s well done (mainstream shit will be shit), but still can’t live without the metal in their blood. I personally love the album, makes me think of Daft Punk meets The Korea meets Periphery and meets my own weird thoughts.

Give the album a listen and help them by getting their album. Seriously, even Mutiny Within said on their facebook wall that it’s on bandcamp they get the most out of every order! Directly to the artist. Yeah!

My note is : awesome!

Mad Essence facebook page

Mad Essence bandcamp page