Sea In The Sky – Visions

Sea In The Sky is a new up and coming band from California, and they focus a lot on melodic vocals and play djenty prog-pop metal with a slightly ambient feel to it.

Being quite technically proficient (what struck me is the slap bass solo in Tamagotchi) doesn’t mean they can’t put the vocals at the forefront. This makes it so that the band is pretty accessible to, well, anyone while remaining enjoyable for the musicians listening because there’s always something interesting that’s being played in the background. Be it the aforementioned slap bass solo, some guitar tapping riff, drums going out of the beaten path or a tasty guitar solo. Visions is the band’s third release, and their second full-length. Well… I don’t know if that’d count as a second LP since all of the songs on it are simply better recorded versions of those found on their first one, “Serenity”, and there are fewer of them too. But they did add vocals, though. Actually, Visions could be seen as their debut 2.0 album.

In the end, if you’re a fan of Periphery, or wish that Sithu Aye had vocals on his tracks, Sea In The Sky is for you!