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I have to say I didn’t expect to be this impressed by saxophonist Roz Harding‘s album, precisely because of the lack of a bass guitarist in the project. As a bassist myself I think it’s an important part of any band, but there are more than one bass-less band I follow and love, so this wouldn’t be the first. I’m glad to say that Supermood is part of that category. Having no bass means there is a part of the audio spectrum that is not tapped into, not that the music lacks interest.

Mike Outram’s guitar often emphasizes on the lower register of the instrument so as to make up for the bass’ absence, but it definitely gives a different colour to the music. The guitar parts themselves are somewhere between pure jazz and djent being played on a standard-tuning 6-string. Interesting, to say the least! And Jim Bashford’s drums support that perfectly well, going for a more rock-oriented and modern jazz drumming. Of course, the main role is Roz’ saxophone, and it’s absolutely fantastic! I’m not as well-versed in sax terms, but her playing is technical and emotional, all in the right dosage.

Supermood is a superb album, and if you’re into fusion or modern jazz, you ought to give it a spin!

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On June 25 2018, this entry was posted.