Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 16

Bastila – Mother Terrain (atmospheric djent)

Endless, Nameless – Counterparts (math rock)

Project: Epigone – The Crisis Cycle, Part I: Unto the Entity (blackened death metal)

Yikes! – Yia mas (math rock)

Sunday, 17

i.o – Images without Art (experimental jazz)

Joe Quartz – Self Afraid (jazz fusion)

Tuesday, 19

Anicon – Entropy Mantra (atmospheric black metal)

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Emanative – Earth (spiritual jazz)

Wednesday, 20

Brzzvll – Waiho (world fusion)

Construct of Lethe – Exiler (progressive death metal)

Eskhaton – Omegalitheos (experimental death metal)

Steve Swell – Music for Six Musicians: Hommage à Olivier Messiaen (modern jazz)

Steve Swell’s Kende Dreams – Hommage à Bartók (modern jazz)

Thursday, 21

Blanca Grande – Lynch (math rock, experimental rock)

Book of Sand – Postmodern Witchcraft (post-punk, experimental black metal)

Nhor – Wildflowers (classical) Compilation

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Vres – The Synarchy of Naught (progressive death metal)

Friday, 22

The Aftermath – Vermine (technical death metal, mathcore)

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Amarok – Devoured (doom metal)

Ben Marston & Hugh Barrett – Unfound Places (modern jazz, atmospheric jazz)

Death: The Reaper – Reservation for Two (vaporwave)

Earth Stepper – Passport to Magonia (experimental, microtonal)

Kamasi Washington – Heaven & Earth (jazz, soul)

Kuna Maze – 2009 (electro, drum & bass)

Michael Leonhart Orchestra – The Painted Lady Suite (jazz fusion)

Mireplaner – Diapiric (post-metal)

Roller Trio – New Devices (modern jazz)

Vein – Errorzone (mathcore)

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