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Charlie Looker, of Psalm Zero and Zs renown, just unleashed a new amalgamative full-length under his own name, titled Simple Answers. The album stems from taking a deep look at oneself in a context where far-right extremism and fascism are ideologies on the rise. “Am I a fascist?” All of this process is recorded and expressed through an amazing musical journey.

The record is very “modern classical”, in essence, and takes many influences from industrial music, post-punk, and metal music. The orchestra-electronic ambivalence of Simple Answers reflects well the left-right divide of the world’s current politics. However, contrary to real life, the two perspectives complement each other and give off something that is greater than the sum of its parts on record. Between swellings of string sections and pulsating synth bass, the warm voice of Looker delivers his powerful and introspective message.

Simple Answers is one of the best albums of the year for sure. The symbiotic relationship between its building blocks, fetched from a varied musical background, create something truly unique and compelling. This is a must!

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