Review: Upsilon Acrux – Sun Square Dialect

True math! Upsilon Acrux is one of these bands that really mesmerize you, on every listen. Their music is so dense and complex, both harmonically and rhythmically, that it’s difficult to listen to their album, Sun Square Dialect, as background music, while doing other tasks. You might find yourselves trying to keep track of the changing time signatures or just trying to figure out what’s happening, and how it got there! It’s truly music for the brain.

Using two drummers has many advantages and disadvantages, the formers being for the listener, and the latters being more technical, and for the band itself. That puts them with King Crimson, or, more closely related, Bisbâyé. The band also boasts two guitarists and a Rhodes and saxophone player, but no bass, which is somewhat disappointing. Hell, I’d be volunteering to be their bass player right now! That’s assuming I’m even capable of following their music!

Sun Square Dialect is really a heavy album. Not heavy as in heavy metal, but more as in heavy mathematics. It’s a real challenge to the ear and brains, and it’s what I’m always looking for in music: I love music that gives me a challenge. As if saying “I dare you to even listen to me!” And if you’re still reading, I think you too. Then, give a try to this album, I bet you won’t regret it! The only downside to the band is its lack of bassist, even though the guitars try to compensate the best they can.