Review: Systems – Ghost Medicine

While searching for Systems‘ bandcamp page, earlier, I arrived on Systems‘ one by mistake. And I was really not disappointed!

Even though far from similar to non-diatonic experimental prog metallers Systems, Systems definitely is an interesting band also. More in the vein of post-hardcore and post-metal, with a tinge of experimental, black metal, and progressive elements that are [always] welcome. The album, in fact, consists of one huge 41-minute song, divided into eight parts about (from what I can tell) myths, particularly in medicine, but not limited to it.

It really is a well-crafted album, with great, almost math-y, riffs, black metal vocals as well as some vocal harmonies reminiscent of gregorian chants. Some parts are poignant, some are headbang-inducing, and some are just plain weird. The musicianship is there, but is mostly demonstrated in the songs’ construction, and the production is impeccable, even though it seems locked at around -0.5 dB, so you might need to turn up the volume a little to get the same “loudness” as other music, and this is something I like, because it’s in no place saturated and there’s good dynamics in the sound.

I’m really glad I accidentally stumbled on these guys’ bandcamp, it was a happy surprise! Their album is available for pay-what-you-want, so, nothing’s hindering you from going and downloading it!