Review: Becca Stevens Band – Perfect Animal

Becca Stevens‘ crowdfunding campaing was probably the most infuriating one I’ve ever participated in. Their new album, Perfect Animal was set on being released in fall of 2014, and was crowd-funded to cover the expenses of recording, mixing and mastering (which was already made at that point), and to fund the promotion, album art, and printing vinyl and CD. I am really fine with this kind of crowdfunding: the album’s [almost] ready for delivery, and even if the goal was not met, it would still get released, not like other shitty campaigns.

And then we were left in the dark. From mid-October to late January, there were absolutely no word on the album, at all. In January we finally knew why: the album was going to be released with Universal Music Classics… on April 7! Well, that’s quite a wait. However, those who pledged for the album would get it a month earlier. The album was released in Japan in November, because of some sort of arrangement or deal with a music publicist there, I suppose. This fact only angered me a little more. I wanted the music!

Well… now that all that’s behind us and the album has been sent to the pledgers, and that the whole world will be able to grab it in less than a month, I can safely say that it was well worth the wait.

I expected the album to be more or less like the band’s earlier release Weightless. It was kinda hippie folk, with talented musicians, great voices and vocal harmonies, interesting rhythms and all. Perfect Animal retains most of that, but feels a bit more pop-ish. Don’t worry, though, it’s a real continuation from their previous album, it’s just a bit different, just enough so we can’t complain that their music is stagnant. There’s still a healthy dose of acoustic instruments, and awesome vocal melodies and harmonies.

I’m glad you won’t have to suffer through the same process I went through, and that you’ll be able to buy the album right away pretty soon. But notwithstanding that process, the album’s a gem.