Reflux – The Illusion of Democracy (2004)

Listen to this while you read!

Where today’s idols come from.

That’s what I can say just after reading the cast : Tosin Abasi, Evan Brewer, Ash Avildsen, and Vinny Vinh.

All those dudes weren’t that much known before the album, and now everyone talks about Abasi’s Animals as Leaders or T.R.A.M., Evan Brewer’s now with The Faceless and has a bass-only solo album, Ash Avildsen launched Sumerian Records,  and Vinny Vinh must be drumming in his mom’s basement.

Impressive, eh?

Reflux shows above all insane musicianship. Tosin and Evan tappings, fast riffs and constant changes within the songs make them interesting and just too fucking good! And fast. And brutal. And kinda proggy.

Lyrics are also worth checking out, with awesome lines such as “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”, The Illusion of Democracy openly convey messages that would make the George Bush and Stephen Harper of this world cringe, or most probably forbid this album, excommunicate the band members (that’s before or after giving them a death sentance), and burning all the remaining copies of the CD. That’s because it is quite politicized, and carry left-wing messages.

If you ask me, there should be more artists like this.

Not so many artists want to go all political like this, and that’s a shame. Come on, politics are fucking important for every country and the whole world now! And you can’t have something like the United States storming in every conflict around the Earth y’know!?

Anyways, The Illusion of Democracy is a must for all of you guys, gets a fucking stellar 95/100.

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