Patrick Shiroishi Rob Magill Duo – Eyes in the Dirt

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Patrick’s a long-time respected player and friend of mine, and his musical explorations always resonate with me. Whether it be in the mathematical Upsilon Acrux, in the zeuhlish Corima, or in any of his other projects like Nakata or Sewing Circle, his playing is emotional, raw, and unique. Rob Magill, on the other hand, is a new name for me. He’s no rookie either, though, as he’s release many albums through Weird Cry Records, influenced by classical music, jazz, noise, and many more.

Eyes in the Dirt comes from an improvisation session carried out in a blazing hot room, which definitely carries through the sound. This project is a woodwinds duo, and the two musicians give a lot of expressivity and personality to their respective instrument. Songs on this tape vary from languid, to melancholic, and to aggressive, all in a matter of minutes–seconds, even!

Most who dislike free jazz will point out the lack of coherence and direction that the music sometimes bears. While it’s true for some artists, I must say that this has never been the case with Shiroishi, and it seems that Magill is on equal footing. Esoterically, like an occult ritual, each track gains conscience and meaning as it is created. It’s fascinating.

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