OSR: November 3rd, 2015

Let me unashamedly try to put hundreds, even thousands of hours of work into a single, puny line.

Alpha Brutal puts a small dose of chiptune into a great flavoured math rock EP with a metal edge.

United Kingdom’s Singapore Strategy is a pretty rad math and post rock band that will get you twitching.

Deseized‘s new EP A Thousand Forms of Action is what you need if you wanna bang your head and not ask yourself too many questions.

Shades of Black Won’t Bring Her Back is Norway’s Atena‘s newest, concept album, and they are on the interesting side of the deathcore spectrum: progcore.

Yoann Urruty released a “donation” EP (where all profits go to a foundation), The Wild Rose, and it’s a hard to describe album: it’s somewhere between post rock and ambient prog.

Plasticbag Facemask is a noisecore duo from California, and their latest album is a bucketload of crap that somehow ends up being a really interesting on repeated listens!

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