November’s gonna be great!

After a pretty strong month of October, November is promising to be even better!

The new and complete Nylithia album,

as well as a new Chrongoblin one!

There’s also the new Sikth and Good Tiger EPs:

The highly promising Instrumental (adj.) EP:

And also stuff from Mestis, Atmospheres, Obsidian Kingdom, Pomegranate Tiger, Our Oceans, and Alarmist!

[Edit: Obsidian Kingdom will not come out 11/3, but rather 3/11… 2016! Damned you, American date format!]

And we’ll surely get a good bunch of surprises through the month!

On a side note, I’ll be in Montreal for the Tesseract, Contortionist, Erra (ugh), and Skyharbor show, if anybody wants to say hi and maybe take a few minutes to talk about good music!

On November 1 2015, this entry was posted.