Delvoid – Serene

Delvoid-Serene-CoverNorway is a prolific and high quality breeding ground for progressive metal. The latest surprise to hatch there is Delvoid‘s sophomore album, Serene: a 75-minute voyage that will make you wish that it never ends.

First of all, I could say their sound leans on tool and Caligula’s Horse’s side, but that would be oversimplifying it. Nevertheless, if you like that band’s music, you will most definitely be a fan of Delvoid’s! At the very least, the singers’ softer voice is somewhat similar, but Serene is much more into post metal. The three longer songs there really lay their atmospheres down for you to plunge into, or rather it’s like slowly raising water in which you’re bathed until you’re drowning in it. Not that it’s oppressing either, even though they’re mostly melancholic, yearning for something it seems…

The shorter songs mostly serve as rockers: they’re not as hard to get into and, most of the time, divulge their intention straight away. I’m sorry to bring this comparison again, but it’s also the times where the similarities with Caligula’s Horse are the most obvious! That being said, they don’t feel like a rip-off band at all, they just happen to have taken a path that’s not too far from theirs.

The best moments on the album are from these long, drawn-out songs. When you take the time to truly listen, you’re in for quite an emotional ride! All the songs have their own goal, their own purpose, which is achieved masterfully. I can safely say it’s one of the best albums of 2015. Serene comes out November 9th.
A press copy of the album made this review possible.