OSR: November 6th, 2015

Lemme show you a few things!

Öz Ürügülü is a Swiss experimental jazz band that blends in a little bit of prog rock, to great effect!

Barús are the latest signees of LADLO productions, and their EP shows they can make some great progressive death metal that doesn’t indulge in long songs.

오필리아 (Ophelia) is an intriguing South Korean post rock entity; their album, 당신의 환상올 동정하라 (Sympathize with Your Phantasy), is a good and extensive listen!

Good Tiger seems to have gotten all the hype, these last days, and I just have to say they delivered: their album, A Head Full of Moonlight is some of the best pop prog metal I’ve heard.

Argentina is not the first place when you think about jazzy avant-prog, but Los Random remind us that music knows no boundaries, and their latest album, Pidanoma, is a great, jazzy prog album that deserve to be listened to carefully!

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