OSR: February 3rd, 2016

Devotion releases their fourth album, Words and Crystals on February 26th, and it’s quite a pretty album, hard-hitting rock with a heavy atmospheric part to the sound.

The Ralph just put out their single, Mean’s End, featuring Karlo Horvat, the singer of alternative metal band Kryn. He’s got a good and imposing voice reminiscent of the alt metal of the 2000’s: Godsmack, Disturbed, etc., but now on 2010-era djent riffs.

Point Pleasant is a solo guitar album from Dean Murphy; it features a bunch of advanced tapping techniques and overall good compositions, but I can’t help but feel it’s lacking something. It’s more for fans of Rob Scallon’s guitar works than I am, but if you’re into great guitar skills, you’re at the right place.

Another February 26th release: Spheron‘s A Clockwork Universe. It’s a fast technical death metal album with some atmospheric passages that let the music breathe a bit. I’m usually not a big fan of the more traditional tech-death, but this is very good!

Croatian avant-garde black metal band Pogavranjen will release Jedva Čekam Da Nikad Ne Umrem on the 15th. It’s a good and moody black metal album, although it does have some passages better than others, it’s overall pretty good.

Savagist will release The Invisible Birth of Death on the 16th, and it’s a pretty good stoner-y thrash metal album. It’s energetic and does have some more experimental elements to it, I quite like it.

Finally, (A?) Jane Doe released their EP Act I back in December. It’s pretty much your standard one-man djent band sound – hence the name I guess? -, with a few ambient elements here and there.

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