OSR: February 4th, 2016

Let’s have a listen at what came through the [electronic] mail since, well… yesterday!

A new Doom Salad release is always good news! Sunscreens and Aerosols maintains their experimental math rock legacy with pride, and this is an incredibly interesting 4-track to listen to!

AHP is an ambient black metal band, and Against Human Plague – whence I guess their initials came from – is their debut album, scheduled for the 21st of February. It’s an assault of blasting and roaring black metal spaced by ambient interludes. In that sense, it’s more of an ambient and black metal album than an ambient black metal one.

Note: this song is from their previous album, as no single from In Cycles has been released yet.
Burden of Life is a death metal band hinging on alternative and melodic metal. Due by the end of April, In Cycles is a pretty generic album, it’s well-made and sounds good, but there’s nothing of much interest to me in there.

Kerala is an experimental progressive post-metal band, and the stacked cymbals at the beginning of Occult States are one of the strangest things I’ve heard in a while! Their album came out at the end of January and is a truly interesting piece of music. I’ll have to listen deeper into it to uncover all of its intricacies, but I’ve got a very promising first impression from it!

The music blog Post-Engineering released an absolutely monstrous 5-hour compilation, Post-Engineered vol.2. If you’re anything into post-metal or post-rock, this is a must have, and it’s free so why not!?

Strange Things‘s 2015 EP, which was actually released in 2016, is a pretty decent death metal EP with progressive tendencies, most notably in the riffing and song structure, along with some tasty guitar soloing. Fans of blast beat-y death metal will most likely enjoy this a lot.

And finally, progressive metal band Apoapsis just released a new single, entitled Consumed, and featuring Chaney Krabb, the singer of Entheos and Systems. It’s overall a pretty good song with cool grooves and all. I didn’t know the band but I might check their older material now!

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