Orthodox – Κρέας

‘Orthodox’ is a rather antithetical name for such a band as this one. Indeed, the Sevillan experimental doom jazz trio don’t play by the rules, and don’t like to follow traced paths. Their most recent works are a melting pot of absurdly low and distorted bass guitars and twirling saxophones playing what they call experimental doom metal influenced by religious folklore and jazz. With their latest release, the twenty-seven-minute single Κρέας (Kréas), they push the formula even further by it being a complete improvisation. There is no understatement in calling this a free jazz record, but that description alone would be incomplete. The ‘experimental’ and ‘doom’ tags complete the description quite well, however. The work of Achilleas, on saxophone, is of particular note here. Its almost-constant screeching and whistling denote an experienced player, infatigable throughout the almost half of an hour that this session lasts. The drums sound free and unhinged, but somehow locked with the bass and its fuzz. All this makes for an interesting, if exhausting, listening experience, and a great experimental improvisation track and EP.