Nooumena – Argument With Eagerness

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Cover - HRComing from France (yes, another French band covered here, if you want to complain, please do so at the British Government), Nooumena call themselves ambient art-rock (as their album art might have led you to believe), with hints of experimental and progressive elements into it.

That’s actually pretty accurate.

What’s more interesting is that they execute their styles of music incredibly well! There are some great ambient, jazzy parts on the album, like the opener “Nameless Reward” with it’s saxy bits and jazzy tastiness.

Everyone involved seem to master their instrument, which is the least we can ask of a band, but these Western Europeans seem to add a lot of creativity in their compositional process, which is the best we can ask for!

Argument with Eagerness demonstrates a truly satisfying lyrical content. Much of the ambience of the songs can be related to the words that are beautifully sung; metaphorical, philosophical, and memorable.

The arts on the booklet pages illustrate in a pretty morbid Picasso way each of the song, by Thibeault Geay.

In the end, a wonderful album that will make you travel from emotion to emotion, on Nooumena’s musical boat. Give this album a listen and buy it!

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