Monthly Recommendations: November 2020

Red Fiction – Visions of the Void (צ (Tzadik))

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One of the latest releases on the mythical Tzadik records is the mysterious band Red Fiction‘s Visions of the Void. This album is an otherworldly blend of different folkloric musics and also many modern genres like progressive metal and jazz, and it’s a masterclass in seamlessly fusing all of that in an unbelievably tasty pot. Unfortunately, however, most of you will probably be unable to listen to this album because of Tzadik’s outdated protectionism. Nevertheless, if you come across this release, get your hands on it; you won’t regret it!

Schnellertollermeier – 5 (Cuneiform)

Schnellertollermeier are one of the leading polymetric bands out there—check out our review of their previous album and of Bisbâyé for more polyrhythmic madness—and 5 reaffirms their control of this subtle art. Indeed, few artists grasp what makes them such fascinating beasts as Schnellmann, Troller, and Meier. Take the preview track “209 Aphelion”, which starts off with an ambiguous bass line and minimalist drum beat, later joined by the guitar, all in different time signatures! But the subtlety of the art lies in the focus you give to different rhythms; you’ll notice it when that focus shifts from one instrument to another, insufflating a new breath of life into the composition! 5 is full of such moments!

Eclecta – Open Other Doors (Tourbo Music)

The Swiss avant-pop duo Eclecta just released Open Other Doors, the follow-up to their debut A Symmetry and rumoured to be their final effort. The multi-instrumentalists, composers, and singers Marena Whitcher and Andrina Bollinger craft their songs from peculiar and yet oddly irresistible and charming musical ideas. It’s strange, it’s beautiful, it’s all we want from this weird pop duo!

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Nerest – 善悪 (Zen’aku) (Cancelled)

善悪 (Zen’aku) is the most recent album of Иван Бушуев (Ivan Bušuev), under the Nerest moniker. Drawing inspiration from six different yōkai, Ivan creates wonderfully complex and awe-striking electroacoustic pieces that challenge the mind and keep us on our toes. I’d rather not discuss the music too much, I think it’s better you dive in and experience it for yourselves. So go on and do just that!

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Beaten to Death – Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos

Beaten to Death have been generally very difficult to categorize, but I think I’ve got just the right term for them: post-grindcore. Yeah, it’s new, but I think it conveys the band’s sound better than anything else I’ve come across. Their brand of music is relentless, heavy, hectic, and sometimes dissonant, but it’s also very melodic, sometimes atmospheric, and also pays great attention to harmonic progression. Their newest project is the Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos album, which is “vinyl only” and “will never be sent out for promotional or press reviews”. Well, one month after I ordered my copy of the vinyl, I received a promotional copy of the album (not the vinyl, not yet)! Well, I guess they meant that only for the vinyl mix, then? Anyway, the digital version of the album will be split into four EPs, each representing a forest: Mastbos, 青木ヶ原 (Aokigahara), Østmarka, and Endor (yes, the Star Wars one!) Each one will be released two weeks apart, starting on November 13 all the way to December 24. This is some of BTD’s best material to date (and their material is always fantastic), so be hyped for when this hits!

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Cody Carpenter – The Legend of Ludrium

Cody Carpenter never ceases to amaze. With The Legend of Ludrium, we’re offered a fictional video game soundtrack, and it’s a fantastic one at that! Merging elements of progressive rock, jazz, and of course video game music tropes, the album makes us travel through the story of Ludrium, and it’s quite a fun ride!

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Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Noise Salvation)

Quebec’s deathgrind legends Fuck the Facts are back with another incredibly powerful banger: Pleine NoirceurFull Darkness if you allow me a quick translation. This forty-minute, twelve-track monster shows all the breadth of Fuck the Facts’s musical prowesses, and all the precision with which it’s performed and conveyed. It’s a relentless release that’s certain to fill your musical violence needs.

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Liturgy – Origin of the Alimonies

I will never claim to fully grasp Liturgy‘s convoluted world and cosmogony, but I’ll repeat my love and admiration for its music. With Origin of the Alimonies, I think we’ve got their most diverse and mature collection of works yet. It’s got more atmospheric passages, heightened by a rather large cast of musicians, still some electronic manipulation (glitches and repeats, for example), and a good deal of rhythmic intricacies. It might just be my favourite Liturgy record!

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