Monthly Recommendations: March 2016


Here is what we think is the best music to come out in last month!

Krighsu is Wormed‘s latest venture into scientific jargon and brutal death metal. The concept album is just more of what Wormed has been known for, and we appreciate them for that. Have your lyrics sheet at hand, if you want to decipher the guttural sounds of Phlegeton, and be ready to be crushed by the unrelenting riffs of Krighsu.

The Psychic Planetarium, in the end, marks a new step forward in the progressive metal genre by insisting even more on technicality but making no compromise on emotion and meaning. The implementation of the fretless guitar as well as live classical instruments adds a touch of novelty and a more organic, human sound that can’t be emulated by their synthesized version yet. The music is full of complexity and intricacies that would take a long while to document, while at the same time retaining the importance of an emotional message behind it all. It really is a unique album from a very unique band; it’s a challenging beast to tame, but is very rewarding once you’ve done so. It a stellar release.”
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“As a whole, Κρέων is a magnificently terrible doom opera that feels consistent from Alpha to Omega. Ρορϰαλ (Rorcal) have topped their game with this album, and even though it’s a bit hard to tell one song from another, they truly stick to their desperate, furious and deliberate thematics. Each track evolves continuously as it follows the story, instead of falling into the most basic tropes of musical composition: repetition and anticipation, it’s more akin to reading a book than listening to the radio. It might not have sounded this way, but I really think it is a rather flawless album. For what it aims to do, it succeeds, and they certainly raised the bar for other bands and for themselves too. This, truly, is a sublime piece of work.”
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“Overall this is a wonderful album with lots to offer to fans of any kind of music. Chiptune may seem like a niche genre that only video game nerds can get into, but when paired with the expert instrumentality and composition that Danimal provides, the result is something definitely worth your time.”
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