OSR: March 31st, 2016


Yesterday’s OSR by Dillon reminded me that I’ve got a bunch of new records to show you guys!

Let’s start this off with the Occult Anarchist Propaganda of Book of Sand. I’ll cover this one deeper in a double review of this and his other release, Elegy, which both came out around the same time. This one is probably his most standard black metal release to date and might be enjoyed by sane people, even!

Secondly is the folk and mixed doom metal of Stangala with their new album, Klañv, which came out on March 24th. It’s a very good and exotic album, written in Breton and with many Celtic influences and instruments. It’s a very surprising and fresh doom/stoner album!

Then comes the depressive and dissonant math rock of Hoggs Bison on Dog Party Call. Even though I love the upbeat nature of most math rock nowadays, I’m always for more diversity, and this one reminded me of other math rock eccentrics like Masiro or Omniataxia.

Vatten is Pyramido‘s upcoming album, releasing on May 1st. Their sound has evolved somewhat from their previous album, Saga, and Vatten is a pretty good crust doom album. It’s slow and deliberate, and also has tinges of stoner metal in it.

Do I really have to introduce Pyrrhon? Running out of Skin is their latest EP, and it’s as chaotic and dissonant as you might expect. It’s good and offsetting!

[The stream for Protest the Hero’s new album is restricted to their subscribers on bandcamp] Protest the Hero has completed their 6-month experiment of creating a subscription album through bandcamp’s service by releasing one song each month. Overall, it’s what you’d expect a PtH album to be. They really seem to have found their way with Volition and Scurrilous, and Pacific Myth really is more of the same prog metal full of energy and fast riffs.

It’s the first time I listen to an Iamthemorning album, and… What was I thinking? Lighthouse is a great progressive rock album with elements of chamber and folk music. Be sure to buy this one when it drops, on April 1st!

And finally, we’ve got Alkerdeel‘s upcoming album, Lede. Coming out on April 15th, this album is some gnarly kraut, violent and aggressive. It’s pretty good and effective so be sure to grab it once it hits!

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