A Compendium of April’s Fool Jokes in the Music World, 2016 Edition

Alongside many actual releases, like Babymetal’s, Entheos’, and Iamthemorning’s new albums, many a prank will be made that day. Here I will list the better ones, in my opinion. This article will be continually updated until I’ve included all the April’s Fool Jokes I want! If you see a good one, email it to us or comment below.

I: A Face Odyssey
Throatpunch City has just released an actually very good joke EP of three songs, named Two Thousand and Punch: A Face Odyssey. Not only is the pun pretty good, the music is somewhere between The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria, and it’s well-executed and produced. This joke just made me a fan of the band, good job!

II: Djent Me to Life

Drewsif Stalin and Nikki Simmons collaborate on an Evanescence cover. Even if the song is the epitome of late 1990s and early 2000s gothic metal, I have fond memories of it, as I was an avid fan of the band in my teenage years. This is a well-done cover, but more experimentation would have been appreciated.

III: Mediocore Breakdowns
AprilFools2016-BTV-BreakdownsOur brothers Noyan and Ahmed at Heavy Blog Is Heavy just wrote a very good in-depth article about breakdowns in metalcore… and other metal genres, too. I suggest you read it, as it might extirpate a chuckle or two out of you! Click here.

Have you seen any good April’s Fool joke? Email us or comment below to let us know!

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